Non-Turkey-Themed Thanksgiving Ideas Using Hands & Feet

There are so many turkey Thanksgiving crafts out there, I thought I would highlight some that aren’t.
I am just loving these finger pilgrims made using hands! They are even riding in the Mayflower. Such a creative idea!
This handprint Mayflower craft is easy to make!
Another pilgrim idea, these are made using the prints of each finger to make the pilgrim hats. I love how happy they all look!

Source: Handprint & Footprint Art
Our adorable handprint Native Americans that we made last year!

Source: House of Baby Piranha
The footprint corn are too darn cute!
Make a thankful tree and write what you are thankful for inside each leaf made from cut-outs of your hand. Make it with 1 child, 2, or even the whole family!

Source: Striving to be Bold

This we are thankful for tree is perfect for the classroom. Have each child write what they are thankful for on their handprint and then place it on the tree.